Mercredi, septembre 12th, 2012

A few words

Hello world!

This is the Upsilon V (Five) agency team speaking! Welcome on our global communication agency blog, this is actually a school project, since we are ISCOM Paris students.

Our team presentation is on our « We are who we are » page, feel free to take a closer look at our video!

Are following five articles about communication and innovation, topics which are very important to us. Hope you will enjoy it! But more important:  See you in the future. This is our signature, because we truly believe in the possibility that together, we can and we will achieve great things.



The Upsilon V (Five) team


« Ce site est un exercice réalisé dans le cadre de nos études à l’ISCOM »

Mercredi, mai 15th, 2013

Our competitors, our strategy.


To help you figuring out who we are, why not describing us by picturing two direct competitors of ours?



First of all, we can name Twinin, general communication agency created in 2010 by two mans: Thibaud MICHEL and Jeremy DURIS. For them, a good strategy is considering problems in several ways: they want to give personal advice for each case. They put forward their knowledge of new technologies to show they know what they do. The agency is based in Paris and has big contracts and opportunities. The agency is very alive; its employees work a lot.

 Twinin works with important brands like: Disneyland Paris, Société Générale, Décathlon, Nestle, L’Oréal…

They are expert in the use of the Internet and social networks. That’s why they are present everywhere in press paper, television, posters, advert etc….For example we can choose the Decathlon campaign they did a few months ago with the aim of helping the brand for recruitment. They deployed a campaign for disabled people who wanted to work. In this case it was for the press.

In another way, they work with community managers on Facebook to talk for brands like They post content to maintain the relationship with the fans and users.

Parker et Parker

 This agency is a global communication agency, located in Bordeaux, Paris and Lyon. Specialized in many fields of communication (corporate, influence, brand, services, factory and content), they answer every possible need in the advertising industry. Its clients are famous: SNCF, Dim, IBM…  Parker et Parker is composed of experts in communication who share the love for innovation and well-finished work. They work only to find THE idea: the idea which will make the difference.

The strategy is to base this idea on the web 2.0. With this web 2.0, brands can really start a dialogue with their customers. Then, companies can control their e-reputation, get followers, and be really present within their social environment. As we mentioned it in our social media editorial, that’s the key to success.

 This agency is even more a competitor of ours because they own a blog in which it deals with news in the world of communication (like our agency), such as the innovation of the brand Apple: the insertion of Siri in cars…

More seriously, today we decided to be more honest than politicians during presidential campaigns. Today people, we are telling you everything. From our target to our strategy. Beware to the take off in 3,2,1 …

As you may know, we are a modernist agency. Our selling point is that we will always be on time for the latest technologies and the latest trends. So our targets are :

  • Young businesses that want to ride a particular wave in order to penetrate the market by the modernity door, or even the futuristic door.
  • Companies that are ready to invest on technologies or new communication technics in order to stay young.
  • Companies that leave a big part of their money investment to research and development, and that count innovation among their main values.

We are not targeting any particular sector of activity, as almost all brands are likely to focus on the modernity of their communication, whatever the sector they belong to, and whether it is a B to B or a B to C business.


Just like Caesar, Georges W. Bush (Jr) and Steven Spielberg, we had developed an incredibly brilliant plan of battle, aka our strategy to reach you, people. Our strategy will mainly be based on digital communication to be on sync with our values of innovation and technology. A very aesthetic and interactive website is the first quality we should focus on. The blog will be useful to communicate content.

And of course, we need to be very keen on social networks, cumulating many accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr but also Yelp, Foursquare, Instagram, Vine, Path) and being very active in terms of community management.We could have daily or weekly sections that give us credibility on the web: if we have a public besides our target, it will draw our targets towards us because they will think our points of view are popular and therefore could seduce their own target.

 Why are we different than another random communication agency? Because we think our company as a rocket. Some of us are rocket scientists, others are Martians. We all get along, we all combine our skills and strengths to give you the best experience ever and to make you be over the moon with our work. So far, it looks like you are enjoying your orbital journey!

Mercredi, mai 15th, 2013

Our Social Media Editorial

As an agency that loves keeping in touch with social media and new technologies, we would like to give you a few reasons why social medias became essential to us, and to you. Multi-millionaire businessman (or woman!), CEO, employee or student, social medias are essential to you, you just don’t know it yet. Being able to give you satisfaction is our main goal but as any business, we also seek a little bit of success. This is why we need to know how much traffic social medias drive back to our website, our base.  Boring you just said? Absolutely not! We like to imagine it as another way to blast you, with new links every day. Keeping you aware of what is out there.  By offering new insanely useful contents on a very regular basis, without coming across to anything spammy nor boring, we are positive about proposing an overall kick-ass blog.

But writing amazing articles about the latest trends won’t do it. What will do it is teasing you people. Sharing our posts with you, directly. Tweeting you, retweeting you, favoring you. Pinning, repining, liking you. Well, you might have got it by now, right? Being directly in touch with you, as close as possible, without breaking in your apartment. That’s the key. You might have noted that we only share teasers, summaries, and sum-ups of our actual work. We would love to be more thorough about it but we might lose you at some point this early in the stage of driving traffic. That is another reason why we are so opportunist and give ourselves good old shout outs. There is nothing wrong with a little ego bait, is there? As well as cardio training, building this success requests regularity. If we were only doing it on every third Fridays of each month, we would be selling hot dogs down the corner, instead of buying them everyday. How sad would it be? (We don’t have anything against hot dogs salespeople, on the contrary, we loooooove them.)

Thus being said, you guys still don’t know what are the best practices for a solid social media strategy. You might have noticed that when we write, or speak, we always choose the most accurate words; except for kick-ass and insanely useful, those stick to reality but we could have said amazingly well built blog and incredibly useful tips, but come on, we are who we are, right? Do you know why we use certain terms and not others? Because we cherish our keywords maybe as much as we respect your time. Nobody has time to waste, time is money and money is almost everything. To avoid any useless loss, we collaborate with our favorite people in the world: you! As they say, it takes two to tango, especially when it comes to being social and viral. Any social media strategy will benefit from collaboration. Can you help us with improving ourselves? Of course you can! We are extremely honored and enthusiastic about working with you every time. You guys help us staying alert, aware, focused. This focus is elementary to never forgetting our ultimate goal. If we had to give you a few heads up about the best practices, the only lines you would need to read would be these:

Review your main purpose, the reason why you are building this online strategy. Don’t forget to schedule every single one of your moves, and do it on a very recurrent basis. Why is it so important? Time difference! Don’t forget that 8:00am in New York City is 02:00am in Honolulu! You want people to get your messages, even when you are asleep, because someone is always up out there! Keep in mind your keywords, choose them wisely. Solicit help, start collaborating with people. Always link your posts to your social platforms, at all times. Most important: don’t waste your time and anybody’s, prioritize your tasks, just like we do it. From all these efforts will result an increased social voice of yours. Don’t give up! Thorough efforts, on a long-term shift, will greatly pay back.

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Mardi, décembre 4th, 2012

Parents gone mad

The extreme danger of passion knocked once again on the doors of Sense. Parents, from all around the world called their newest-born child according to their favorite social media.

It can’t be! You might say. Well unfortunately, it can be. Hashtag Jameson was born on December 2012. Hashtag, like in blablabla #hashtag. This little girl is another victim of parents’ fondness for a social platform, just like another little girl born in Egypt in February 2011 called Facebook. No doubt she won’t have any trouble making new friends…


Jeudi, septembre 13th, 2012

Is Pinterest the new « it » social media?

As well as it-bags and it-boyfriends, is Pinterest the new it-social media? Well, we my think so since you have to wait up to have the chance to sign up. If you don’t want your Facebook and Twitter friends to know about your polarbears pins, you can sign up with your email address… and wait for weeks or months to have an access to the platform. Is it really worth it? Is the waiting line worth the shot? The developers present themselves as a peaceful and trendy team, but with such an elite system, how could we possibly don’t have the impression that they put Pinterest in the it-social media sphere?

Pinterest is a great way to express yourself without stalking people you barely know. This new concept is another overview of tastes and trends. But do we have to be it-people to access it? What about self expression right?

Jeudi, septembre 13th, 2012

Viral advertising campaign for Jalouse magazine

The overwhelming number of ads and viral campaigns that appear everyday on the web forces any brand that wants to get above it all, to be very creative. This is especially true when the brand belongs to the art or creation world.

So when fashion magazine Jalouse goes for a web advertising video, you know it’s not going to look like anything you’ve seen before. How

With  “Une fille comme les autres”, that you can watch below, Jalouse surprises the viewer and shows the witty, young and funky creativity that makes their magazine unique. It’s a fashion ad, with the model, the clothes, the boys and the party, but it’s actually more of an ironic short movie that’s gently making fun of all these established, grounded fashion elements. With his fashion-videos-are-a-piece-of-cake tone, the voice over guy points at all the recurrent composants of a fashion ad, that we‘re so used to we don’t see them any more!

With this video, Jalouse takes the best of both world : the cool, fashion ingredients, and the smartness that making fun of it all implies…


Jeudi, septembre 13th, 2012

« Hungry but chic » : the new Kookaï advertising campaign

For a little while, Kookaï broadcasts a advertising campaign. About the new collection fall-winter 2012-2013, she inserts its new baseline: « Cool but chic ».  In comparison to his old baselines, Kookaï innovates. This time, she chose to decline his new identity, but she dares provocation. « I’m not pretty, I’m worse » or « Success Story » are not anymore up to date. Now, a word that characterizes a temperament is associated to the English words « But chic ».

Declensions: « Cool but chic, Messy but chic, Single but chic, Hungry but chic, Cold but chic » are in fact the different targets of the brand. Each of them can be found themselves in the new signature. While they are cool or messy, they are chic, and thus, to the brand’s image. But to make the choose of provocation, the brand has played with fire, and seems to have already burned the wings…

Instead to get the expected return and benefits, it creates a bad buzz. Critics increase on the web. That women are messy, single, cold, hungry, or even cool, all of them feel involved in this campaign, and show their disagreement.

Actually, they feel denigrated by the brand, the main being to be chic. Kookaï devalued vices of every woman to be more valued. Indeed, it is positioned as a solution to these vices. If you wear Kookai, you are chic, and the rest seems to have a little importance. You can be single, but the main is to be chic, thanks to Kookai. Would be not better to be chic and single, for instance, that to be vulgar and in a relationship? The message would be subliminal, and too much shocking.

Jeudi, septembre 13th, 2012

25th UDA Phoenix : a communication ads prize

With the evolution of the consumers’ profiles and the number of new means of communication, the opportunities for the advertisers to communicate with their customers are multiple. 

Smartphones and the Internet are all medias which allow a high level of interactivity but also sophisticated relational and promotional devices, especially regarding the individualization of consumerism behavior.

From this perspective, the UDA (Union des Annonceurs) has been, since 2002, rewarding the innovation in the field of Communication. The competition is about using the range of the communications modes the most largely and cleverly possible.

The 2012 Phoenix Prize Winner is Nestlé Waters with his brand Contrex. The Agencies Marcel and ZenithOptimedia organized a transcience event which allowed strenghtening of the positionning and of the affinity with the targets.

The operation Contrexperience allows women to loose weight while having fun by, for example, offering the bandwidths to undress a virtual stripper as they are riding an appartment bike.

The Contrex ad:

Jeudi, septembre 13th, 2012

The dangers of Siri


Siri is an intelligent personal assistant and knowledge navigator, created by Apple, usable on IPhone 4S and launched on April 2010.

In 2012, Siri replaces the basic communication mode. Although its unquestionable efficiency, it did decrease the numbers of talk occasions with other human beings. By spending with talking to your phone, you lose some to talk to the real world, not the one you control with your thumbs. Though it is a great innovation in the matter of new technology, it also determines the beginning of the new era of non-communicating with people. It already started with voice mails, speaking vending machines and automatic switchboards. Siri is just another way to not have a word between two people, but to remind them when is their dad’s birthday. One day, Siri will be the only person, virtual or real, we will speak to, and with.